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Every end has a beginning

Every end has a beginning

As I write what is my first blog entry on my brand new, highly unfinished web site, I consider to myself why it's important that I have a blog. Why does anyone have a blog? For others it's possibly the desire to seek some level of readership, to herald some acclaim for a particular blog entry, or maybe to have a bunch of people 'Digg' their musings. I don't have a need or desire to be heard with such rapacity, nor hope for some prestigious mention by noteworthy authors or blogging sites. No. I just want to write. I just want to put down the things that bounce around my mind in a written and recorded form. If, for no other reason, so I can make sense of things better myself at a later time. Although if others find my musings interesting, or even amusing, I won't complain.

I see myself in 20 years from now, coming back to my first blog entry and questioning why on earth I wrote what I did. Or maybe not? Perhaps I'll be looking to the past for some vindication of my current state. Whatever the reason, I'm certain a sense of nostalgia and want for the years of innocence to return will come flooding in.

I've never proclaimed to be a writer of any level of greatness. I did enjoy writing at school, and I love to read a well scripted book. But please, if you're expecting perfect prose here you have come to the wrong place. Not to say I won't try however. I'd like to think that by undertaking this exercise I do at least better my writing and language skills, even if it merely means I press F-12 and make use of the Thesaurus on occasion.

I digress. I do that, just ask my friends. Rossco?

Everyone has a purpose for writing a blog. Mine is to put down my musings into a written form. Often I get lost in my own thoughts, appearing to be focused on whatever is in front of me, but ultimately I am million miles away somewhere working out the meaning to life. It's these moments, upon coming back to earth, I say to myself "better write that one down before I forget it". Then I forget it. Gone. From questioning the societal state of being, to human behaviour and interactions, to far more important issues like how annoying big sunglasses look, are all likely to fall upon the pages of my blog.

You're probably thinking to yourself (well at least I am), 'is Scott going to fill his blog with this type of half baked, philosophically stained matter every time he makes a new entry?' I look out the tram window, contemplating an answer (on my way to work now). The answer is probably yes! At least I'll try to wrap some sort of credible notion around otherwise more trivial topics. From time to time I may actually have something truly paradigm shifting to say, but lets save that for another day. For now, it's time to reach the head of this, the first of many entries, in my attempt at writing and continuing to write a personal blog.

Underneath this entry you will find a link that shows and hides comments. If you'd like to contribute to this site, and help mark this momentous occasion, this first delivery of ruminations, then please, leave a comment.

My parting thought for today: Use a fly swat instead of fly spray. There's something fulfilling about hitting your target, a successful little mission. And, you're not burning holes in the ozone! Try hitting two at once!


Yolanda at 06:37 PM on September 07, 2010 wrote:

lol , Nice work :-) - look forward to more.

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