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Latest Trance - My New Project

Latest Trance - My New Project

Hey there trance fans, I hope you're all doing well? I am really excited to announce the launch of a brand new side-project of mine called 'Latest Trance'. The premise is pretty simple: It's a trance blog about the best latest trance tunes. Now, I say 'best' latest trance because they are compiled, thus chosen, by me. So in a nutshell, it's all the tracks I think are worth your money and time. In fact I buy every one of the tracks I add to the blog.

Each new trance track that I post is accompanied by it's album artwork, a short, honest review, and an audio preview via Soundcloud or Youtube and a comments and discussion thread. I think that's enough to give people a solid overview of each of the tracks. Along with the content mentioned, I provide a score out of ten, and a verdict, such as 'Amazing', 'Very Good' etc.

While the concept may at first appear mildly self-indulgent (it is, so what?), my goal was to share these track choices with other like-minded trance music lovers. Perhaps by posting my selections, it helps people weed through the endless amounts of poorly produced or cookie-cutter music to find quality 'pure' trance. Again, these are my selections, and so I cannot say I have chosen EVERY high quality tune, but these selections should give most people a starting point. Like all DJs, I have a particular 'sound' or 'vibe' that I prefer with my trance music.

Along with the main Web Site, I also have a corresponding Facebook Page which I encourage you to check out and 'Like'.

Ultimately, over the past few years, I have had this feeling eating away at me, a sense of wanting to give something to the community and share my passion for trance music. Along with a brand new version of Trancetribe, my online trance music community, coming later this year, I felt this was a great opportunity for me to quell that feeling.

I encourage you to visit daily, and bookmark it. I'll be updating it multiple times a day. And since I run a web development studio (Ulladulla Web Design), I have resources and capabilities to support and further develop the site. I'm adding a simple blog to the site currently which will be a way for me to make personalised posts now and then that are not specifically just tune reviews, but are related to the site and the project as a whole.

Finally, I'll be launching a weekly podcast which is a round up of the latest tracks with audio reviews by yours truly. I expect that to launch in the coming days! So keep an eye and an ear out! This will be posted and hosted separately to my ongoing 'Trancecast' Series of podcasts, of which there are more in the works also.

I really hope you enjoy the site, and would love to hear you thoughts and feedback. Thanks for your ongoing support and I hope to see you on the dancefloor soon!


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