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New Trancecast Episode & Other Music Goodness

New Trancecast Episode & Other Music Goodness

So I have finally got together a new Trancecast episode after over a year's hiatus. The new episode is my favourite to date, with a blend of deep progressive, tech, melodic, and uplifting. I think I'm especially happy with the general progression and, dare I use the term 'journey'.

Over the past year, I have been moving towards a more underground and less mainstream sound because the mainstream sound is moving more and more towards house, 'trouse', and trance with very little in the way of emotive melody. See my previous post regarding my thoughts on the state of trance music for more on that topic. Much of this more 'underground' sound revolves around non-vocal/singing tunes, and more psy-trance influenced music, particularly the goa-trance and progressive psy.

My latest Trancecast has a section of progressive psy-trance in there which seems to fit well, especially given that I was able to find several key transitional tracks that allowed for a less jarring sound when the psy kicks in, and finishes. You can see the tracklist and download the full episode over on the podcast page, or subscribe in iTunes.

I'm currently loving progressive psy-trance tunes that are heavily melodic. They carry that uplifting vibe from normal melodic trance, but do it in a more serious, subtle, and emotive way. Often the bassline doesn't progress or change, but instead stays on the same root note. While at first you would think this has a less dramatic effect than typical euphoric trance that has huge bassline and chord progressions. However I tend to feel that the simplicity and lack of movement in the bassline creates more tension, which can be released later with another, well timed transition into another track.

If you're keen to hear more of these sounds, I recommend looking into artists like Liquid Soul, Ovnimoon, Zyce, Sonic Entity, Sideform and others. Check out tunes in the Psy-Trance genre on Beatport, and filter down to the Goa Trance, or look for albums and compilations that are Goa Trance oriented. It's here where you'll find more melodic trance styled psy.

I have some great new trance-related projects under way, with one almost finished and ready to launch. I'm working on two great new trance related web sites. Micro blogs, if you will. I'll have more info on those very soon!

On the gigs front, you can catch me playing at the next instalment of Digital Therapy at Home Nightclub on September 14th. Here's all the info on the Facebook event page. I'm honoured to be playing along side my good friend Rossco, and NZ guest, Adelaide Carleton. Should be a fantastic night, and one that I have been hoping to have a chance to play at for some time.

I hope you're all well, and finding some incredible music out there to listen to. I'm always keen to hear what tunes you're loving, so drop me a line any time. I'll be back with more updates very soon.


Thomas at 07:46 PM on February 09, 2019 wrote:

Hi Scott,
Though I play acoustic guitar and write reviews about that on my blog : but I love Progressive Psytrance. Of course simple and melodic one inspires me most and I can feel the vibe. Are you doing any new trance music or just sprinting?

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