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Trancecast 023 - Productions Showcase

Trancecast 023 - Productions Showcase

I'm really excited to be able to share with you a special episode of my Trancecast podcast show. The episode is a diversion from my regular format of showcasing a mixture of tunes from around the world, and instead is an episode focused on my own productions from the past several years.

This 'productions showcase' episode means a lot to me as it is the culmination of a lot of my own experiments in producing trance music. For me, trance production and electronic music production in general, has been a difficult and slow-paced learning experience. I seem to be blessed with ears that can discern frequencies really well, but struggle greatly when trying to assess my own work. I'd be fine if it was someone else's work, but as soon as I'm analysing my own work, it's like I become deaf to subtle nuances in the mix balancing. The good news is, that over the years, I have slowly pushed through my own barriers and am starting to feel comfortable in releasing my music to the public.

This 2 hour mix of productions showcases many, but not all, of my finished tunes. The style is heavily melodic trance focused, however there's still a nice spread of emotions and sonic styles. From deeper more bassline driven tracks, to faster more driving tunes. As my sound has matured over the past few years, I feel like my overall vibe and tone has shifted to a serious, dark, yet uplifting energy. One of the barriers I had to break through during the course of the last several years was learning to create music that excites me first and foremost, rather than just trying to emulate a popular sound or copy the structure of another song. So these days I only write for myself. I know that sounds a little devoid of care for punters, but the idea here is that if the tune is successful in moving me emotionally, then it should have a fairly good response elsewhere.

This mix has several previously unreleased tunes being played for the first time. My two newest singles are 'Anomoly' and 'Dystopia'. Both are serious trance with a melodic tip. 'Anomoly' sits at the slower, deeper end of the trance spectrum, while 'Dystopia' is a more pumping trancer. Another of my newest productions is a collaboration with my good friend, Luke Sykes, titled 'Naked Intent' which came together nicely in the end, and is a mix of melodic/uplifting and dark/serious tones. One more track that I'm excited to play for the first time on my show is 'Never Enough' featuring some vocals from Retrobyte. It's a track I have been sitting on for quite a while, and have finally decided to let it loose! Lastly, I have started the episode with a teaser from my first artist album project. The track 'Daybreak' is actually the opening tune from my forthcoming album, and thought it would be a great way to kick off this episode. It's worth noting that 'Daybreak' will be slightly modified for the final album release, but at least it's a good taste of it .

Here's the full tracklist:

01: Scott Richardson - Daybreak (intro Mix)
02: Scott Richardson - Anomoly
03: Scott Richardson - Not Forgotten
04: Scott Richardson - Exodus (Club Mix)
05: Scott Richardson - Statewide (Deep Mix)
06: Scott Richardson - Incandescence
07: Scott Richardson feat. Retrobyte - Never Enough
08: Baz Lalor - Sirens (Scott Richardson Loves The 80's Remix)
09: Scott Richardson - Indescision
10: Scott Richardson - Statewide
11: Scott Richardson - Light & Dark
12: Patrick Carrera - Endless Me (Scott Richardson Remix)
13: Scott Richardson - Saint
14: Scott Richardson - Incandescence (Main Room Mix)
15: Scott Richardson - Dystopia
16: Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Scott Richardson Remix)
17: Scott Richardson - Blueberry
18: Scott Richardson & Luke Sykes - Naked Intent
19: Robert Nickson & Daniel Kandi - Rewire (Scott Richardson Remix)

I really hope you enjoy the episode. You can download it right here or via my podcast page.


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