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United Colours Of Trance (Nov 19, 2010)

United Colours Of Trance (Nov 19, 2010)

Next week, Friday the 19th of November, I'll be making my return to club performances with a feature set at United Colours Of Trance at ARQ Nightclub. I've had a few months off to spend time with my family and celebrate the birth of our second baby!

I'm really excited to be back to performing again, and am really pleased that my return gig is at United Colors Of Trance. The past several of these that I have played at have been fantastic club nights, filled with quality trance from start to finish.

This time round, I'll be playing a slightly extended two and a quarter hour feature set from 1:45am to 4:00am. I'll be dishing up a mix of driving trance, melodic trance and tech trance, all with a serious vibe about it. I've been developing my sound over the past few months, and am really happy with where it's at. My sound has definitely evolved, but not lost sight of it's roots. So think melodic and uplifting, but with a darker undertone to it.

Here's a bit more information about the event:

People from all Trance nations dancing together at ARQ - Sydney's home of dance'

Sydney’s leading trance exponents join together to take us on a journey through all styles and flavours of Trance with special guests DIGITAL CONTROL (LIVE), SCOTT RICHARDSON & MIKE BLADES. A seamlessly woven mix of today’s cutting edge sounds are on the agenda as progressive, melodic and driving trance take effect on your mind, body and soul.


Cam (Elemance) at 01:13 AM on November 20, 2010 wrote:

Scott, long time no speak. Congrats on your 2nd baby. Glad to hear you are still taking charge. Has now been since I was down there giving it a go alongside you at A Night of Trance. These days I am living in Xi'an, China. Djing at a big club to over a few hundred people. Busting out techno, deep house, and nu-disco rhythms. All the best for your come back gig. And keeping the Trance alive.

- Cam (Elemance)

Scott Richardson at 12:08 PM on November 30, 2010 wrote:

Hi Cam! Man it has been a very long time! Wow, China! No more progressive trance for you? Sounds great though man. Hope you are well! I'll keep trying with the trance, that's for sure! Take care mate.

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