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Trancetribe Returns!

Trancetribe Returns!

It's been about three years since I last put on an event. In the past, we had run 4 events. But there's only 2 that I consider to be the true Trancetribe Events. Both nights we packed out Suzie Q's, and the nights went down as two of the best club trance nights in Sydney.

This Saturday, the event returns. This time we're in Kings Cross utilizing a club aptly titled 'The Cross', which is upstairs from the Bourbon, a popular night spot on the strip.

We set ourselves a goal of putting on a night that essentially gave the trance-loving punters the things that they want from an event. Often, promotors and events just seem to really miss the boat, and make decisions that simply degrade their events. I don't know if it's ignorance, lack of knowledge, or plain stupidy, but sometimes I just have to shake my head at the decisions some promotors make.

With that in mind, I knew that putting on a quality event that people would enjoy, and tick all the required boxes, was actually a very simple task. It meant simplifying everything there is about club trance nights, and keeping it raw. Our event has no gimmicks, no bullshit. It's a simple night with three DJs playing quality music. With only 3 DJs on the bill, longer sets are ensured. Any man and their dog understands that a true trance set needs to be long, enabling the DJ to spread their tracks out, delve deeper into the sound, and progress the set from one vibe to another slowly and smoothly. In my opinion, far too many trance nights are about jamming all your friends on the lineup. Often, your 'friends' are also promotors for nights of their own - so putting them on your lineup hopefully puts you on their lineups. Everyone's scratching each other's back for gigs, and forgetting about the only real important thing... the punters and their experience. Check your egos at the door please.

So simplicity is the key in my opinion, and it takes a few short moments to read forum responses or facebook messages to see that these ideas are the right ones. Our lineup is all local. Our demographic is educated trance loving punters. The aim is purely to cater to those who love the music. It's not about educating the masses, nor is it about trying to pull in as many paying customers as possible. In fact I intentionally capped the online presale tickets to 200 in quantity. This does a few things, most importantly it creates an aspect of exclusivity for the event. A sold out event, or one that's hard to get into, is a desirable one. We're going to sell some tickets on the door for the last minute trance loving punters. It's not like we're going to turn them away. But the effect of selling out your main quota of tickets, and keeping it at a realistic quantity adds so much value to the perception of the event.

The venue is actually pretty much perfect for what we wanted to do. I am somewhat of a nazi when it comes to room layout and sound. Thankfully, the main room that we are utilizing is symmetrical and comfortable, with the Dj in the middle at the front of the room, slightly raised and protected by a low wall.

We're bringing in extra lighting in the form of a strobe and 2 lasers with a controller for the night. This should complete the lighting for the club. We're also going to be EQ'ing the mixer's output before it goes to the amps, as well as having a sound engineer EQ at the amp stage in the control room also, so the sound is tailored to our style of music as best as possible. The sound system has plenty of power, and with a few small sonic refinements, I think it will do a really good job of pumping the sounds of trance into the room.

My main task between now and Saturday, is sorting through all my music and getting a rough idea of the flow of my set. I have a few classic requests that I am fitting into my set, and then padding out the rest with current and new material, spanning everything from slow progressive trance to banging 140bpm tech trance.

What I am looking forward to is sharing a night of quality music in the company of some of the best party people in the world. In my honest opinion, the Sydney trance lovers are the most fun, happiest, friendliest people I have met.

Until then.


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